Welcome to the Anthro Medieval Fantasy Wiki

This is a wiki devoted to a new type of story that I am working on. All are welcome to come in and add to and make up medieval themed anthro stories.

About us

I love anthro medieval fantasy. My best description of the topic would be anthro animal characters in a medieval setting, similar to Disney's Robin Hood, which is the film that inspired this. The characters are a blend of anthro versions of existing film and TV animal characters and original characters. Enjoy!

Ye olde rules

We are very welcoming, yet there are rules:

  • Feel free to add in your characters and make your own stories.
  • Do not steal other's storylines. You can, however, do stories with other people if interested.
  • If you're an artist, feel fee to make art of your character. We'd love to see it.
  • Do not steal art. You may upload your own art, but not someone else's, unless you have permission.
  • No mature art.
  • All characters in art must be completely clothed, especially females.
  • Violence is ok, since the medieval era was a violent time, but no excessive violence.
  • No depictions of sex.
  • Trolling, vandalism, spamming and the like absolutely will not be tolerated. A permanent ban awaits you if you do this.
  • Bullying toward anthro fans of any sort will likewise not be tolerated. Any of that will result in a permanent ban.
  • Be kind. Don't hate on each other. We take this very seriously and I or an admin will step in if it is seen. Bans, permanent ones, will be in order for the guilty individual.
  • Users, do not be afraid to report spammers, trolls, etc. We will deal with them. Do not argue with them or speak to them. That just makes things worse.
  • Have fun!
  • Because this is a fan wiki, please put your screenname in your categories, just so that we can keep track of characters and who belongs to who.

Latest activity

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Robin Hood

The original medieval anthro


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